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Flying Squirrel Community Space

Who we are

The Flying Squirrel is a welcoming space for artists, activists, and community members in Rochester. We aim to cultivate and sustain long lasting relationships so we can work together to create positive social change.

  • 285 Clarissa St. Rochester NY, 14608
  • 585-678-6870

What's Happening?

Using the Space

Need a space to hold your event? We'd love to work with you. We host all kinds of events including group meetings, private parties, music shows, film screenings, speakers, and more.

Introduction to Street Medicine!

Introduction to Street Medicine!

August 28, 2016

3:30PM - 7:30PM

Flying Squirrel Community Space

285 Clarissa St.

Facebook event:

Learn the basics in providing first aid in direct actions. Topics to be covered: a brief history of street medics, consent, equipment, medical first aid, mental health first aid.

Suggestion donation to the Flying Squirrel: $5 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Watch "5 Broken Cameras" & support two great organizations!

Rochester Indymedia and the Flying Squirrel Community Space are co-presenting the film "5 Broken Cameras"!

Jim Tiefenthal, an organizer for the Witness Palestine Film Festival, will give an introduction to the film and talk about the upcoming 2016 Witness Palestine Film Festival season. Find out more about this year's film festival at the website: A discussion about the film will follow the screening.

Friday, September 9, 2016
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.
$5 Suggested Donation (Donations will be split between the Flying Squirrel and Rochester Indymedia.)
Facebook event:

Watch the trailer below:

About the film (visit the film's website: Nominated for an Oscar®, 5 Broken Cameras is a deeply personal first-hand account of life and nonviolent resistance in Bil'in, a West Bank village where Israel is building a security fence. Palestinian Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son, shot the film and Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi co-directed. The filmmakers follow one family’s evolution over five years, witnessing a child's growth from a newborn baby into a young boy who observes the world unfolding around him. The film is a Palestinian-Israeli-French co-production.

About Rochester Indymedia:
The Rochester Independent Media Center (Indymedia or IMC) is a non-commercial, democratic collective of Rochester area independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network. We offer technical training, advice, and a platform to publish on. The collective has focused on Black Lives Matter, environmental justice, police abuse, housing justice, separation of church and state, homelessness and povertyr, education, and more. Check out our website at and our youtube channel at Currently, we are not meeting regularly but are available by request. Feel free to email or private message us on Facebook.

About the Flying Squirrel Community Space:
The Flying Squirrel Community Space exists to provide a welcoming space that cultivates and sustains long lasting relationships between artists, activists, and community members in Rochester so that we may work together to create positive social change. We are a volunteer collective and the space has stayed open for seven years thanks to the people that use it and generously donate to keep it open. There is no staff and no one is paid for the time and effort they invest in the space. Check out the website:

August Monday Mayhem: The Driftwood Circle

For the August Program, we’ll be experimenting with the “Driftwood Exercise”. Driftwood is an exercise in the Peace Circle tradition- using non-verbal, collective sculpture building to explore creative ways of engaging conflict. Amy D’Amico facilitated Driftwood Circles in 2011 at the Occupy Albany encampment, and has agreed to come facilitate this months “Monday Mayhem”.

More info on the Driftwood Exercise:

What is Monday Mayhem?
On the first Monday of every month, the Flying Squirrel hosts special programming that forgoes the technical and logistical concerns of running an open-use community space in order to take a closer look at the impact of our actions on the community and our potential as a catalyst for change.

Find out more at the Facebook page:

Monday, August 1, 2016
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.

Activist Wendy Lynne Lee speaks on the Environment

Professor and activist Wendy Lynne Lee spoke at the Flying Squirrel Community Space on July 21 2016. Lee is a professor of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg. The event was sponsored by the Green Party of Monroe County. The talk was about sustainability and how current social and philosophical attitudes make achieving it more difficult. The accompanying photo show showed the effects of fracking in Pennsylvania and world wide climate change. The video includes the full lecture, photos and follow up questions.

Flying Squirrel networking and presentation night

The Flying Squirrel Community Space wants to foster more communication and networking between groups! To that end, the collective is setting up a networking and presentation night! These evenings will be held every 3 months or so.

We're asking for at least one delegate from all of the organizations/groups that meet regularly at the space to attend (feel free to bring as many folks as you want). If you are interested in attending and hearing some of the work going on in the space, we invite you as well! We'll start with snacks, drinks, and a potluck!

The purpose is two fold:

  1. Hear what other people in the space are working on
  2. Network with folks and groups

One of our goals for the space when starting it was to bring community, activists, and artists together to inspire each other and develop working relationships. It's something that has been hit or miss and not very intentional. So we're trying to correct that!

This not a meeting, though we will build some structure into it:

  1. Each delegate will introduce themselves and their organization/group
  2. The delegate will then have about 5 minutes to briefly present on a project or projects that their organization/group is working on (if there's nothing big planned, don't sweat it!)
  3. Delegates can only represent one organization/group (we know many folks wear many hats—please just choose one)
  4. After the introductions and presentations, we'll break up so folks can use the time for more organic conversation/networking–and eating!

The Squirrel will provide some snacks and drinks! Feel free to bring something as well!

Thursday, June 30
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.

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