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Flying Squirrel Community Space

Who we are

The Flying Squirrel is a welcoming space for artists, activists, and community members in Rochester. We aim to cultivate and sustain long lasting relationships so we can work together to create positive social change.

  • 285 Clarissa St. Rochester NY, 14608
  • 585-678-6870

What's Happening?

Using the Space

Need a space to hold your event? We'd love to work with you. We host all kinds of events including group meetings, private parties, music shows, film screenings, speakers, and more.

Flying Squirrel networking and presentation night

The Flying Squirrel Community Space wants to foster more communication and networking between groups! To that end, the collective is setting up a networking and presentation night! These evenings will be held every 3 months or so.

We're asking for at least one delegate from all of the organizations/groups that meet regularly at the space to attend (feel free to bring as many folks as you want). If you are interested in attending and hearing some of the work going on in the space, we invite you as well! We'll start with snacks, drinks, and a potluck!

The purpose is two fold:

  1. Hear what other people in the space are working on
  2. Network with folks and groups

One of our goals for the space when starting it was to bring community, activists, and artists together to inspire each other and develop working relationships. It's something that has been hit or miss and not very intentional. So we're trying to correct that!

This not a meeting, though we will build some structure into it:

  1. Each delegate will introduce themselves and their organization/group
  2. The delegate will then have about 5 minutes to briefly present on a project or projects that their organization/group is working on (if there's nothing big planned, don't sweat it!)
  3. Delegates can only represent one organization/group (we know many folks wear many hats—please just choose one)
  4. After the introductions and presentations, we'll break up so folks can use the time for more organic conversation/networking–and eating!

The Squirrel will provide some snacks and drinks! Feel free to bring something as well!

Thursday, June 30
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.

Flying Squirrel Gardening Day!

Come out and help plant our community food garden!

We're going to be weeding, planting, and watering plants that will produce delicious vegetables for all!

While you're here, fill up on raspberries!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St. (beds next to the parking lot)

What to bring if you have it:
Gardening gloves
Trowels or gardening tools

Enough Is Enough presents a screening of Gideon's Army

As Enough Is Enough has continued its work over the last three years, we've found ourselves in relation to the Public Defender's Office more than once. The PD's office is the last stop for people who need legal representation for criminal charges but cannot afford a lawyer. Gideon's Army is about the rise of the PD's office. We're going to watch the film and discuss it after. Please join us!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.
Suggested donation: $5 (all proceeds go to fund the work of EIE)

What does Enough Is Enough do?
Members of Enough Is Enough support people who have experienced racial profiling, harassment, and brutality by the Rochester Police Department. We attend court proceedings, provide emotional and tactical support for people who have experienced police violence, work toward systemic change in law enforcement, and develop coalitions to hold the system accountable.

Look for us on Facebook:

From the film's website:
GIDEON’S ARMY follows the personal stories of Travis Williams, Brandy Alexander and June Hardwick, three young public defenders who are part of a small group of idealistic lawyers in the Deep South challenging the assumptions that drive a criminal justice system strained to the breaking point. Backed by mentor Jonathan “Rap” Rapping, a charismatic leader who heads the Southern Public Defender Training Center (now known as Gideon’s Promise) they struggle against long hours, low pay and staggering caseloads so common that even the most committed often give up in their first year. Nearly 50 years since the landmark Supreme Court ruling Gideon vs. Wainwright that established the right to counsel, can these courageous lawyers revolutionize the way America thinks about indigent defense and make “justice for all” a reality?

Find out more at:

April Monday Mayhem: political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim

April Monday Mayhem was about Jalil Muntaqim and his parole hearing coming up on June 14, 2016, with a focus on ways to support him. The event included an open discussion on parole reform in New York State and letter writing to the parole board on Jalil's behalf.

On the first Monday of every month, the Flying Squirrel Community Space hosts special programming that forgoes the technical and logistical concerns of running an open-use community space in order to take a closer look at the impact of our actions on the community and our potential as a catalyst for change.

Jalil is an ex-Black Panther and the longest held political prisoner in the United States. He's served 44 years and is about to have his 9th parole hearing. In his time incarcerated he has been a consistent voice for revolutionary change and liberation for oppressed people, having organized a number of successful programs and events inside and outside of prison walls. Our Rochester community needs him to be granted release so that his kind wisdom and insight can help inform us in our current and ongoing struggles for justice!

Please check out Jalil's website below for more info and updates, sign the petition, and write a letter to the board to advocate for his release on parole this June 14th. And stay tuned to Rochester Indymedia for more upcoming events and ways to get further involved with Jalil's campaign. Spread the word!


Write Jalil!
Anthony J. Bottom #77A4283
Attica C.F.
P.O. Box 149
Attica, NY 14011-0149

Aragorn! Introduces "The Blast"

Aragorn! is visiting from the west coast. He's here to talk about a new project he is involved in called The Blast.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.
Rochester, NY
Facebook event:

The Blast is an agitational project from Turtle Island. We intend to reach people who are otherwise unfamiliar with anarchist politics and also to provide a different perspective for readers already familiar with radical politics. For those new to the politics we present some of the rich stories of what has happened before us, stories of our gains and losses, of what is possible in the future and in our daily lives today. For those already here we'd like to create a respectful but critical atmosphere with no (or at least shifting) sacred cows.

There will be a light serving of food along with free copies of The Blast!

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